The Grunge Life

( Jacket - thrifted from Beacon's Closet, studded shirt - thrifted & DIY'd, spiked necklace - H&M, Boots - Doc Martens)

At last, a break from the frigid cold weather! It was nice enough to wear just a maximum of 2 layers today. Super thumbs up (:
I threw on a simple studded collar shirt and my favorite oversized denim jacket. I think my Docs are finally broken in
after a week of sore feet so now they're comfy as a cloud! I'm thinking about studded the sleeves to this denim jacket and
maybe the back of my boots too. What do you guys think? Oh on another note -- these photos were taken with my new iphone 5!

YAY (:


  1. I am totally in love now.

  2. you look amazing!! did you get an iphone 5??? so jealous :)


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