Smooth November

( Blazer - thrifted, Dress - Forever21, Laced tights - UO, Shoes - Necessary Clothing )

Taking advantage of 60s weather before we plunge back into the deep cold for the next few months >.< Sighhh. Honestly, the only two seasons
I want to exist are fall & spring. My wardrobe is only geared for those two! Excuse my flat, boring hair. I have no idea what else to do with it anymore.
 I want to dye it ginger and get a perm because I just want wavy hair. Ok, I'm done rambling now. You guys can expect more frequent posts now
(hopefully). I'm pretty much in love with my iphone 5 and the camera quality is pretty spiffy in my book.


  1. Your style is just sooooo amazing :))))
    Thank U for your lovely comment :*** :D

  2. Loving the styling! That dress is amazing!
    Check out my blog and maybe follow eachother? Just leave a comment.
    I'm soon doing a GIVEAWAY for Christmas. :)



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