Instagram Summer Diary

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I've been having just a boat-load of cool summery desserts like raspado and lots of ice cream.

A couple shots of neckbling. Topshop collar chain tips & a Forever21 chain necklace.
I think I'll lay off necklaces for the rest of the season and stick to collar tips though, it's to hot and
sticky having anything around my neck.

Summer would not be complete without a trip to Coney Island/Luna Park. After work, I spent friday
night with one of my best friends there. We got some hotdogs and ate by the ocean, played games at
the arcade, won a Stewie doll, and lastly (which is what I came here for) watch fireworks.



I watched The Dark Knight rises with my cousins and I went simplistic with black shorts, a floral top,
and my cute bow chain bag. We got some gnarly curly fries and the nice lady gave us free chicken
tenders each ^__^ they were soo soo good. And the movie was awesome!

And of course, my summer pretty much revolves around quality time with family and our
almost weekly BBQs. We had 2 this weekend, one on saturday and an even bigger one on sunday.
If you guys ever come by New York in Queens, hit me up -- I can feed you! ;D


  1. This colar chain is amazing :)

  2. lovely blog. please check out my newest post <3

  3. I love the gold chain xx


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