DIY: Black Studded Clutch

Cheers for another DIY!
I thrifted this black clutch with a cute little tassel from Salvation Army for $2.
It was a little too plain for my taste so I decide to add some studs to it!
I've always used studs with prongs but this time I wanted to to use iron-on studs instead.

- clutch / bag of your choice
- iron on studs
- an iron (not pictured)

Start off by deciding where you want to start placing your studs and iron it on one at a time.

Keep your iron on the stud for about 20 seconds, just so that the glue on the stud can melt and stick.
You can check if your stud is in place with your fingers but be very careful because it is hot.
If the stud feels secure, place another stud and iron it.

Just continue to iron your studs until you're satisfied.
This should be your final product! Pretty easy, right?


  1. SO PRETTY!!!
    I never knew iron on studs existed! :O Must find a little supplier of my own~

  2. Amazing and inspiring proposals!

  3. Omg that looks beautiful <3 wicked diy x


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