Instagram Summer Diary Pt. 2

I hope you guys don't mind these personal posts. If anyone is planning to visit NYC
or just wondering any good places to go around here, just take at look at some of my IG diary posts
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My ultimate summer OOTDs are maxi skirts, basic tops, and flowy shorts. It's the season for "lazy fashion" if you ask me.

I went thrifting with my best friend at Salvation army. My favorite finds includes a floral blazer & this vintage LV crop top.

Finally had a sleepover this summer with my best friend. Of course we got Thai food (our favorite) & Dulce de Leche ice cream.

Took a day off from work for my cousin's birthday & we went cruising around the city and chilled at Washington Square Park.

Beef kimpbap from Woorijup & Caramel frapp with chocolate whipped cream (yes it exists & you will go to heaven) from Starbucks.

Bought a new nail polish & ring --- and of course some new arm candy (the rose gold bracelets)

Took a trip to Long Island to see relatives for a reunion.

Self explanitory. Reunions = FOOD and lots of it. Feast your eyes on these beauties. Hungry?

And of course, capturing a couple of summer sunsets is the icing on top of the cake.
 Left one is from Times Square and right one is from Brooklyn overlooking the Verazzano Bridge.


  1. Amazing pictures. I could eat all food from this post haha;D

  2. Love your Instagram photos!

  3. love all your snapshots! the purse with the bow is so cute! we are on instagram! come say hi- brittandwhit

    love from San Francisco,

  4. The purse with the bow instagram follower cheat is so cute! we are on instagram.


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