Last week my friends and I decided to venture out into Brooklyn and head to Williamsburg.
We walked around Bedford Ave and eventually came across the Brooklyn Flea Market.
This is such a quaint, cute, hipster-ish little town. I love it!

Kimono cardigan - Kmart | Lace tanktop - F21 | thrifted black shorts | Necessary Clothing ankle boots

Graffiti (:

My best friends (:

Thrift haul from Beacon's Closet!
2 The Hundreds snapbacks & sickk sunnies
oversized denim jacket (going to DIY) and a large quilted chain bag.


  1. I love your freakin pictures girl :). Cute chiffon blouse by the way :)

  2. Amazing outfit :) These sunnies are awesome !

  3. Hi! I gave you a Liebster award, I had no idea what it was before I was tagged haha http://bonnesterres.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/bit-of-blogging-participation.html
    Lauren xx


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