DIY dreamcatcher necklace / headband

I created this DIY over the summer and wore it frequently. The dreamcatcher has been around my house for the longest so I decided to make use of it. Most of the materials I used were actually just random objects lying around my house. I saw a beautiful dreamcatcher necklace at Forever21 but I decided to just re-create my own. (:

What you need:
- Dream catcher
- Keychain split ring
- Tribal printed ribbon (got mine from Michael's Craft Store)
- Braided rope (the one I used was part of a blouse that I didn't wear anymore)
I used materials with colors that work well together. The dream catcher is brown and the rope is white, so I chose a ribbon that had both brown and white so that it looks synchronized. *

Step 1: Insert the braided rope in the dream catcher and secure the rope with a keychain split ring. (I know the braid and ring don't look appealing but I always wear my hair down, so nobody can see that part of my necklace.)

Step 2: Tie the tribal ribbon half way down the necklace.

Step 3: Start wrapping the two ends of the ribbon around the braided rops in a "X" pattern.

Step 4: Once you've reached the bottom, just tie the ribbon again until it's secured. Allow the ends to hang down around the dream catcher, the patterns compliment it.

You can either wear it as a necklace,

or as a headband! (:

I hope you enjoy this DIY. Leave a comment if you have any questions. If you decide to re-create this, feel free to show me your finished product! :)


  1. This will definitely be one of my winter break DIYs :D Love the idea. And it looks really easy too for impatient people like me.

    Castle Fashion

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  3. Thank you!
    Haha, Ikr? It sucks :P my b-day is on the 28th! xx


  4. cute DIY :)
    & it's also nice and simple too


  5. Nice, cool post :)



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