Lolly-jar rings

The other day I was reading blog updates by another blogger, °hellomynameismega°, and I came across her apartment post in which she showed how she and her roomate organized their rings. They placed their rings in lolly-jars and color coordinated them, gold rings in one jar and silver rings in another. How eye-chatching and appealing do they look? I absolutely adore the idea. Imagine you were reaching in to choose what ring to wear for the day, that's like being a kid choosing for what candy to eat!

All images belong to hellomynameismega*


  1. Thanks for you comment Sweet :)
    At the moment, only Superdrug in the UK sells MUA products, however, I'm sure if the demand is high enough or a different company catches on to the idea, you could find an alternative.
    At the moment, you could try looking on websites such as eBay, I know there are definitely a few listed on there, you just might have to pay a little bit for the postage :)
    Thanks again for having a look at my blog

  2. wowwww, love this idea! So clever, such a cute way of sorting things out. Wish i had jewellery like that.. so pritty.
    Ruth xxxx

  3. this is such a good idea :)! thank you for sharing!

    Fashion Stereotype

  4. this is such a nice idea! just found your blog, loving it! followed <3


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  6. oh my goodness, this is such a good idea, i need to get myself some of these jars!xx

    sophie @ thesecretavenue.com

  7. Wow it looks amazing! You inspired me, cause I was actually wondering where to put all my rings.. this is quite amazing idea!!;)

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    xxx ;)

  8. hey again!
    Glad you like th DIY shorts! It took me about 2 hours. I didn't mention this on my blog but if you have a sewing machine, you can get any patterned fabric (even the American flag) and sew them on for a more neater look.
    I'll be following your tumblr too!
    Thanks for the comment <3

  9. It looks amazing :) It's good ideaa!

  10. This is a lovely way to store them, those pics are amazing quality!


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