In the building of my Fall Wardrobe

The last post I made showcasing my shopping buys including this one all goes towards the build up of my wardrobe for the Fall. This has always been my strategy. I buy clothes a season before in preparation. Not always the smartest idea but it works fine for me. I get to have a few key pieces fresh.

For the Fall season, some of my key pieces definetly include skirts and cardigans. I can't wait to go out and splurge on some good leggings (which I live in during the colder months) and wear them with short skirts and dresses.

This compilation of photos includes 3 of my most recent purchase. There's more but I have yet to take pictures with them.

Floral a-line skirt, Cocoa 3/4 sleeved cardigan, & Slub top : all from Forever21.
(i happen to work a block away from that store so i'm always tempted to go in, thus the purchases)

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