1:35am - Summer Life Update

This summer has definitely been my busiest but the most fun i'd have yet. Being 18 during the summer is so much more different than the summers back when I was younger. I guess I could say I've earned a lot more freedom now. But anyways, every weekend this I've been out and about, completely soaking up as much of the summer time as I can before I juggle school and work in the fall.

I've done almost everything that I could think of this summer: beach, concerts, parties, dates, sleepovers, movies, camping, roadtrips, weekend getaways...you name it.

  • Tonight i'll be going out for a dinner date with one of my best girlfriends, Vanessa. She's truly my "ride or die chick" from the heart. She's the type of best friend that you see once or twice a year but would always click the minute you see each other again. After dinner i'll be heading to SoHo to sleepover with my mom at my two little girls she takes care of, Sophia and Camille. (:
  • Saturday morning i'll be waking up in a sweet SoHo pad and spending time with the little dolls and then i'll probably head home in the afternoon & go out at night again for Anju's birthday dinner.
  • Sunday is gonna be such a crucial day though. It determines if I have the capability to throw a successful surprise birthday party. My older is cousin is turning another "20something" and a close friend of hers and myself decided to throw her a surprise party. I'm so excited. I hope everything goes well!

(which is why there is a macbook photo of me trying to dress up past 1 in the morning)
formal dinner, birthday dinner, & a surprise birthday party ---- ohhh boyyyy.

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