SoHo shopping (:

I spent the afternoon with Priya, Alexis, Lauren, Tiffany, and Jessica at SoHo. We shopped until got hungry and then ate Thai food at Boon Chu. I guess you could say I kinda "splurged" but I'm really happy with what I got.

I decided to use my macbook to take photos since I was lazy :p

first off here was my outfit for today (: I wore my floral tanktop that I got from H&M last summer and my DIY high-waisted shorts.

I bought this typewriter necklace about 2 weeks ago and I find it so adorable! I've been wanting to have a necklace with this charm (:

The ruffled top is from H&M which I bought last week. But the navy blue A-line skirt was one of my purchases from today, i'm inlove with it!


I found this olive cargo jacket on sale at Urban Outfitters today.

From $118 to $58 to finally $39 -- it was well worth it (:

It's super comfortable! I can't wait til the Fall season comes to I can wear it.

A varsity type cardigan which was definitely on my shopping list today :D score!

Again, another one of my favorite fall pieces.

// I also bought a yellow mustard peasant top but I forgot to take a picture with it :x

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