I'm enjoying this summer a lot. I work & get paid on weekdays, and I have fun and go out every single weekend nonstop. I slept over my cousin's house on friday night and stayed up til 3am watching movies. We had a late night drive to quickly's and redbox as well. The next day I chilled with my cousin, troy, and allen at SoHo and we stopped by NY Ink and saw Megan. I went back to queens to meet up with my main ladies and had dinner at Boon Chu once again. The owners there know me by now since I go there every month. Then i had a 2nd dinner with my family at Red Chopstick in Flusing. (2nd dinners are veryy rare, i felt spoiled today). Finally, we all watched Cowboys and Aliens together at College Point Multiplex Cinema ^_^

I'm incredibly happy for this awesome day.

My outfit for today:
Mustard Peasant Top and shorts | Forever 21
Brown bag | Urban Outfitters

(so precious ^_^ )
The best of friends I could ever ask for <3 (and the most fashionable!)

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