let me just take a moment to express this:


Now it's not to say that I'm the only person who has any interest in this. The rest of the world joins me through this connection as well. But I do believe that the certain level of interest is what separates us from one another. I don't ever think that there will be an exact definition of style or fashion. I can look at an article of clothing or an ensemble and think "that'll never work", but I definitely can't underestimate it. It could even possibly show up on the next collection of some big shot designer. Fashion is merely re-vitalized or re-born in my opinion. (This is just the introduction by the way).

I suppose what I'm trying to say is, I'm coming to a point where I'm considering taking my fashion interest as more than just a hobby. No, i'm not jumping into any internships or seeking any pain-staking way of getting into the fashion industry. My keyword to all this is basically: learn. I follow a good handful of well-known fashion bloggers, familiar with lookbook.nu and chictopia, a general knowledge of designers, and a mediocre skill of doing some hands-on work with clothing. But it's never fulfilling enough for me. I feel like I need to do much more and put in twice as much effort. I actually have no idea whatsoever how I'm going to take this interest into the next level. And at this moment I even feel the need to just backspace everything I've just written. So let me just say this now before I permanently decide to delete this post, I would very much enjoy to have a career as a fashion journalist via the web. I want to learn as much information as I can and then share it with others. As of now that doesn't seem much because it's actually nothing at the moment. I haven't developed anything that would lead me to that. One of the reasons why I really didn't want to start up a fashion blog was because I don't feel like I have enough knowledge about fashion or style to share with others, since they can easily retrieve it from other legit bloggers. But, I guess i'll just keep reading up on whatever I can get my eyes on. There's nothing much to do than that. End?

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