a walk around the neighborhood

This photoshoot was from yesterday when me and Anju walked around the neighborhood (: the weather was approachable with the wardobe I chose to conquer lol (don't worry I had a leather jacket too). We're both pretty much homeless after school on Mondays and Wednesdays so we end up walking around and talking, just catching up with one another. The orange thing behind me is actually a garage on Ithaca St. We were hoping Ate Fauve would be home but she was working. I had my camera with me so we decided to have another shoot (this is my second one with Anju as the photographer).

Our church gate was open so we decided to continue the shoot there as well. I absolutely love the cobblestone walls *_*

(cardigan - Uniqlo | lace top - thrifted | bag - H&M | jeans - forever21 |
 rings - CR, F21, & NY&C | dragon necklace - handmade | nude flats - from the Philippines)

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