Edgy Plaid + Wishlist

( H&M spike necklace - thrifted Uniqlo flannel - Forever21 black jeans - spike bracelet )

Just a quick, guilt-filled outfit of the day after disappearing for the last two weeks. Bear with me, I'm in crunch time with presentations,
papers, and finals. Plus, the weather's been freezing and I retreated back to my boring outfit routines. But once this semester
is over and I get a certain secret upgrade via my mom (I'll reveal it once I get it) then I'll be back to regular posts! (:


  1. Oh wow, I love this wishlist! Super cute! I want like half of the things on it! Especially the studded bag and the boots. Great minds think alike I suppose. I love your outfit too. As soon as I saw the post, I was like OMG this is awesome! I am a New York native too, but I currently live in Connecticut, it sucks! But I really like your blog, and I would love to follow each other on Bloglovin' and Google Friend Connect.


  2. I adore your hair!!! Xxxxx


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