100 degree OOTD

On Saturday I went out to the city with my best friends. We had a lunch date and bubble tea at this cute place called TKettle on St. Marks.
We tried our best to beat the heat by doing some shopping down at SoHo, going from one store into another -- taking advantage of their air conditioning. Topshop was still having their sale so I got a few stuff from there. I'll make a separate haul post on my mini-shopping adventure! (:

Top - American Rag
Shorts - thrifted & DIY
Bag - thrifted
Sandals - Target

Fried pork chop over rice & with noodles

Taro milk tea, Taro slush with bubbles, & Pineapple-Mango slush

My best friends :3

Mm, $1 lemonade at a street fair in SoHo


  1. I love your outfit! So cute and comfortable <3

  2. Your shorts look adorbable ! They're amazing :)

  3. you're adorable! you look gorgeous in yellow :) xx


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