Polka Dots & Kung Fu Tea

Polka dotted navy blue top from Necessary Clothing
Salmon corduroy jeans from Urban Outfitters
Arm candies from H&M, F21, and UO
Necklace from New York & Company

Summer livin' triggers my bubble tea/boba cravings! My neighborhood has both Quickly and Kung Fu Tea, my favorite bubble tea spots. If you ask me, it's the perfect accessory to carry around with you for the summer: it's a yummy drink that keeps you cool and compliments your outfit (haha). As for my outfit, it's a casual sunday so I just did some minor color-blocking and wore comfy nude flats. I'm hoping the weather stays summer time fine for the rest of forever.


  1. cute outfit! love the blouse and necklace! would have never thought new york and company!
    and yess bubble tea in the summer is the best!


  2. If I could, I would wear the same clothes! :**

  3. Beautiful look.
    from France ;)

  4. If you are looking to lose weight or you are already on a weight loss program but you want to boost that plan, try adding a couple of cups of green tea a day and see what happens.


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