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I promise I'll have some "real" blog posts soon! On Friday I'll be attending an 18th birthday party so I'll be sure to take a few shots of my party outfit, hair, and makeup. As for now, instagram will have to do. I'm actually doing a summer session for college which pretty much means I've been going to school since the month started. The good news is that I only have 8 classes left for psychology! After that, I'll finally be able to show you guys the many many many DIY projects that have been floating in my brain for a long time now...

...such as: pearl-studded collars / shirts, double chain ear cuffs, fan necklace recreation of a Free People necklace, double-finger chain ring, floral pocket tee / shorts, & many more.

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When I go easy on the neckbling, I opt for my DIY studded collar.
Thai Iced Tea Slush with rainbow jelly -- you must try!
Last friday's OOTD when I headed out to take Trisha to her first trip to Serendipity 3.
We got 2 delicious Frozen Hot Chocolates and a slice of cheesecake. HEAVEN!
Another OOTD from last week. Neon pink & bright yellow.
Neck blingggggggg.
That one day last week when it reached 100 degrees here in NYC -___- never again, please
Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade and patterned maxi for the win.
Did some shopping at SoHo and passed by Aritzia
but Topshop was the real deal....why?...
....because Topshop had a gigantic sale on bags, jewelry, clothes, the whole shabang!
Of course I walked out buying something.
Went on a serious ice cream run with the wolf pack on saturday night....it was awesome.
Then yesterday, the office gang went out for McFlurries and smoothies....which was also awesome.

Did some more shopping at Forever21 for jewelry and a lace top to wear for Friday's party.
I never wear earrings since I have gauges but when I saw these huge chandelier earrings, I couldn't resist! I threw in some arm candy too of course. (:


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