Recent Haul / New clothes

As usual, all I do is go shopping. This is a mixture of thrifted and mainstream items that I got throughout the month of May. There's a lot more, but I'm way too lazy to go look for them. My room is in the process of re-organization at the moment. I'm getting a new closet also which hasn't been assembled yet so all my clothes are resting in garbage bags for now. God-forbid someone accidentally thinks it's trash and throws it out :x I think i'll go stick post-its on them before that tragedy actually happens.

Neon/Pastel: Hot pink laced tank top from Forever21 | Mint sheer top from New York & Company

Lightweight: Thrifted polyester button-down tops from Salvation Army

Shorts: Striped from Forever 21 | Cheetah print from Forever21 | GAP 1969 mustard jeans DIY'd into scalloped shorts

Cotton/Soft Fabrics: Grey/black shirt from Forever21 | BDG v-neck from Urban Outfitters | thrifted H&M striped shirt from Salvation Army

Floral: thrifted Kimono from Salvation Army

Printed Pattern: thrifted maxi/midi skirt from Salvation Army

More prints: hand-me-down floral and leopard print button-downs from my Aunt


  1. all the thrifted pieces are amazing! Wish I could find as many awesome items in one go, I'm never that lucky though :(

  2. I really love these yellow shorts, they're amazing! :)

  3. I love the shorts and the tops! Great finds! I love hand me downs :)

  4. love all of these buys! :)


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