I went to Salvation Army last friday and another thrift place the saturday before. These are only a few of what I got. The rest are mostly coats and jackets which I've already stored so I didn't bother to take them out for photos. Three of the items pictured below I got from Salvation Army last friday when all pink tags were 50% off. Luckily, all the items that I fell inlove with were pink tags and my total for all 3 was only $7.50!

Light pink polyester top: originally $5.99, 50% off - $2.99
 Men's forest green blazer by Brooks Brother (super huge on me but perfect for layering.)
 Black oversized polyester top: orginally $3.99, 50% off - $1.99
 Printed polyester top: originally $4.99, 50% off - $2.49
 close up detail, similar to prints on silk scarves
 oversized beige knitted cardigan, similar to the fisherman cardigan from Urban Outfitters that cost $69 (so happy to find this!)
 floral printed top
 Dark blue-green button-down polyester top (thick material for winter! yayy!)


  1. What great finds :D thrifted stores have the best stuff sometimes!



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