Christmas/Birthday Wishlist

I have been relaxing at work today and decided to lay out what I would like in my Christmas wishlist. My birthday is also on January 1st, yes New Year's baby, so I figured I might as well compile a major list of what I want. My deal with myself though is that if I attain a 4.0 gpa after this fall semsester (my first semester of college), I would treat myself with nice shoes.

Sperry Top Siders
I've been eyeing these ever since I tried them on over the summer. I had just started working so I didn't have any savings yet. They were so comfortable and for me, comfort is the ultimate rule. I'm thinking of getting them (same exact color) as a Christmas gift for myself.

Urban Decay - Naked 2
*Sigh* This palette just came out on December 2 and it's already sold out! Getting this one may be a bit of a challege, but it's not an excuse to take it off my list. The pigments look absolutely gorgeous! I need to own this atleast by next year if not this Christmas season.

Topshop - AMBUSH Black Glitter Boots
 These boots are just LOVE. The height is just right for me, not too high. The glitter is definetly hot. It's pricey at $160, so these would count as a splurge for me. I doubt I would be getting them anytime soon. I'm also not sure of the probability that these will be available at the Topshop in SoHo, the only one in the US. But it's so beautiful!

Burgundy/Maroon circle scarf
It's one of my favorite colors at the moment. I already own a mustard knitted scarf. One in this color would satify my hunger for circle scarves, hehe!

Velvet Dresses
I have the blue velvet dress already. But look how show-stopping the red one looks too!

Cheetah Loafers with studs
Need I say more? These would look killer with an all black outfit. Especially with a leather jacket. Again, these would most likely be a splurge for me.

Clarks Desert Boots
I think my cousin and guy friends have been influencing me too much. They all own a pair of sperry topsiders & Clarks. But still, it looks so perfect for winter! Plus, the suede material is so dreamy.

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  1. thanks for your comment on my blog!
    if you can get your hands on the topshop glittery boots then i definitely would! i have them in silver, navy and black (yes, i am obsessed) and they're the best things i've ever bought!
    i would even love the plain black ones aswell but i think i need to draw the line somewhere!

    love your blog, it's so sweet!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC



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