12am - It's Christmas!

Christmas has just arrived here in NYC! I hope you all enjoy your day. Spend it with your loved ones and have fun! I'm so thankful to God for a wonderful family, good health, and joy. The blessings are overflowing!

Christmas Decors (taken though Retro Cam app)

We went all out and bought a bunch of DVDs on sale earlier. So Christmas will be spend with comfort: eating & watching movies! (:

Last year, I simply drew my Christmas cards, this year I drew them and also hand-painted them with water color! I call it my "Christmas Card Workshop Production" ;D

Did some shopping this morning around Lexington Avenue with my mama. This tree is always up every year in the middle of Mayor Bloomberg's building. We always go see it every year aside from the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.


  1. Your Christmas cards are beautiful~!

  2. Merry Christmas!♥


  3. Thanks for the sweet comment! :) Aaah, I love your blog too, it's really cute. So jealous you live in NYC, it's kind of my dream and goal to do my fashion master there, been there once, but completely fell in love with the city! ♥

  4. What creative! Love it :D

    With love, Cindy

  5. Thank you for your comment,
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas

  6. amazing christmas tree! and i love the cards!
    I got the topshop bargains as i went pretty much as soon as they started haha!
    hope you had a lovely christmas :)


  7. Wow! I love how beautiful your hand made Christmas cards are! Great idea! :)

    xo. Naomi


  8. lovely photos, that is such a cool christmas tree. Sounds like you had a lovely christmas xx


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