conquering manhattan

half days are always the best (: i had school from 7:45am til 9:06am, that's only an hour and a half hehe. i met up with my girls today. we ate at Boon Chu for lunch because we all love thai food and thai iced tea and were really craving those steamed dumplings. czarina had to leave so me, lauren, and alexis hit up central park (: we played with plastic balloons that i brought and ate some Hansel. alexis did a fishtail braid on my hair which i absolutely lovee and me and lauren matched again lol.

i left central park around 2:30 and met up with my mom @ SoHo. she surpised me with a bag that she bought me as a gift for getting a 101% average ^.^ we spent the rest of the afternoon together. first we went to the New Museum on Bowery St. Unfortunately cameras weren't allowed so all I have is my memories of George Condo's very very odd paintings and art works. It was worth it though and i got in for free lol. Then my mom took me to Urban Outfitters and on our way there we passed by a sidewalk antique sale (: i saw the coolest mirrors ever! Victorian borders and everythingg. We also passed by this huge wall of graffiti that i had to take a picture with of course. After shopping we rested at Washington Square Park with the 70 billion other people that were there enjoying the weather. Everyone was such in a happy mood today, lol. Of course i took pictures there too ;P especially underneath the Arc.

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