The Return (I'm back!)

Guess who's back? After nearly 1 year of hiatus, I've decided to start blogging again! There's some major updates that I have to do with my blog, including a new theme and several links to what I've been up to lately. I've missed blogging so much and I hope I can start up and be active with it again. A lot has happened in this past year which led to a huge lack of motivation to blog and maintain on-going content. I hope I've reached past that point now to move on and do the things I love doing again.

To sum it all up, things are much different now compared to the last time I posted (hair-wise, you can see I was still blonde in my last post). I've graduated with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts this past June and I will be going into the second semester of my Junior year at Hunter College as a Media Major. I've done a few freelancing cinematography/video editing gigs which made me decide to pursue that as a career in the future. Eventually, I would love to edit professional wedding videos because who doesn't love seeing people happy, right? But anything video-related along the lines of fashion or music would be amazing as well. To top it all off, I've officially made my Youtube account public where I post a lot of my vlogs. Soon I'll have my Vimeo account ready where I'll be publishing my freelance work. I really want to set up an online portfolio where I can showcase samples of my all my work - videos, photography, styling, & writing/blogging. A ton of internships/jobs I've been trying to apply to seem to require that and I always had nothing to show so I figured it's time to get my act together and work on this, for my own benefit in the long run. Besides, I'd forgotten how therapeutic it is to just sit here and type about my daily life and happenings (I can only write so much on Instagram captions).

With that being said, c0nquis.blogspot.com is back and will soon have a new makeover. I'll be including links in the header of my work as well as social media accounts where I can be reached. For those who are reading this, may remember me, or even slightly anticipated my return - I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes, it's just hard to get motivated with something I know I'm capable so much of. I'm grateful for the support of those who read my blog, those who encouraged me to start up my Youtube, and everyone who's just been really kind and acknowledging about my passion for styling, photography, and making videos. I am no way an entertainer, I'm just here to share what I love to do and whether I know you through social media or in real life, I'm thankful for your support!

Love always,

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