"Fall In(spiration)"

As if I haven't stressed this enough, the biggest trend this season in my book is obviously camouflage.
I pretty much want everything in this post. Care to drool with me?

Photos courtesy of Tumblr.

Camo jacket & Doc Martens, duhhhhhh!

Newly released camo janoski <333 Any in NYC know where I can cop these?

Burgundy blazer

Alexander Wang Rocco, or atleast a dupe of it would be nice

Diamond Supply Co. beanie

Camo pants ;)

Varsity Jacket

A longboard. Because I want to learn and cruise by next summer.

This gorgeous piece. I have no idea where from though.

Olive green jacket.

HUF snapback

Yummy knitted sweaters.

This entire set.

A huge knitted scarf.

This entire set. Esp those shoes.

These AA beauties.

Camo printed socks, yess!!
This entire set <3

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