Dreaming of Fall in July

I'm not a summer person.
Don't get me wrong. I love wearing dresses and skirts with bare legs, but I can't stand the heat.
New York summers are so humid and unbearable most of the time and dressing up takes extra effort.
I think my heart belongs to Autumn season and I envy all of you living in Australia and New Zealand right now.

Being stuck in mid-July, the only way I can cope is by putting together a little batch of Fall-inspired
 photos, which is basically also my wishlist. 

(Photos via Tumblr)

Neon beanie. I will hunt this down for sure.

Maroon/Wine/Burgundy scarf, I've been wanting one since last fall/winter.

Obviously it's my favorite color for the Fall -- maroon/wine/burgundy jeans. Hi, Alexa.

Doc Martens. I've been contemplating. I might cave. I'm stuck between these two. Black or Floral?

 I already know a place where I can get this. I'm just saving up some money now.
Some sort of American Flag jumper ;D

Shoulder-spiked sweaters, of course

Basically this entire outfit *_*

A stock-load of cute tights: bows, polka dot, suspender

Chunky knitted cardigans

Cable knitted sweaters

I am a fitted & snapback type of girl. I need to add a few more to my collection!

ADORN GOLD BLOCK HEEL BOOTS from Topshop *_* gosh, don't they look perfect?

A pair of black velvet leggings. 
I know most people exercise to get that "summer body"
but I think I'll try to aim for "fall legs" -- skinny legs that look nice with leggings x_x

This entire outfit too.

:( :( :( :( :( :( I WANT FALL! :( :( :( :( :( :(


  1. I LOVE THE HEAT! but I must say that dressing up in the heat is an absolute drag :( Got to love the inbetween seasons, spring and autumn - not too cold and not too hot ^^

  2. Love all this inspiration!! I agree I like summer clothes but hate the heat....

  3. Beautiful selection!

  4. haha i always want what season its not i guess it is that grass is greener! though we don't get a long summer here so im actually pretty happy i can bust out a t and cut offs and run :D



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