No Brand Jumper

This weekend was freezing! I was happy to find this really warm jumper that belongs to papa. I checked the tag on the back to see where it was from but I didn't find one. Papa doesn't seem to remember where he found this jumper either. By the way, welcome to my bathroom and may I introduce to you my photo-editing skills. --yes, you may LOL. Like it said in my last post, I can never get any natural lighting during winter so bear with me on the low-quality photos. I hibernate indoors for months. Also, a side note about my outfits: I pretty much wear the same jewelry, I just alternate sooo be prepared to see them often. Same goes for shoes, I tend to wear my favorite ones a lot.

PS: Is it just me...or did blogger finally add a "Reply" button under people's comments? o.O Because I never remembered one being there, haha! Just a thought.


- black & white pattern jumper: belongs to papa
- BDG brown ankle boots from Urban Outfitters
- F21: arrow bar necklace, spike bracelet, pyramid stud bracelet
- gold watch
- NY&C gold bracelet

(film grain effect, click to expand)


  1. So cute so cute so cute. I love taking my dad's sweaters too. They're oh so huge and comfortable, I could wear them forever. Hehehe keep it up, Christal! Photoediting is hard :(


    1. thanks kristen! haha who knew out dad's wardrobe would come in handy? lol stay warm!

  2. those shoessss!!! the jumper look so cozy and cute as well! :D

  3. That sweater looks so cozy!! Love it. :)



  4. beautiful outfit!!!amazing blog!!i'm following you!!

  5. Love your headband and ombre hair! You have a pretty rad style. xoxo


  6. Your shoes are my favorite!!!!!
    Love the outfit, great as always :D
    BTW thanks so much for the sweet comment you left me, I'm so happy you liked my blog!!
    I followed you back on tumblr!! So happy I found your blog!

    xoxo, maria

  7. so cute! Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)


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