cloudy skies make a great recipe for cinnamon cake

it was one of those days where you couldn't tell the clouds apart from the sky. although i've walked to czarina's house several times before, i never noticed that small bridge that had a railroad tracks underneath. maybe it was particularly the gray sky that blended well with the gray concrete that created a pretty monotone setting but it was an certainly an eye catcher. standing from the bridge and seeing unmelted snow on the shrubs next to the train tracks with brown twigs all around it made me want to jump over the fence and and walk on over there, since there was no sign of a train. but i shrugged it off, i had a warm lunch waiting at czarina's house.

i reaallly liked the weather in NYC today because it was moderate cold, not freezing. i had a great time having lunch, catching up, taking pictures, and baking at czarina's house. i met her baby brother for the first time too. i felt very relaxed today, like a hippie....

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